Langkawi Island, the Malaysian paradise

Langkawi is one of the best islands in Malaysia. The islands of Malaysia are paradise destinations par excellence. The experiences they offer make them popular destinations for all types of vacations. These islands are ideal points to spend the best vacation of your life. Whether it’s romancing your loved one, spending time with your family and friends. If you want to know more about the islands of Malaysia do not hesitate to read our article malaysia island.

Langkawi consists of 99 islands is the ultimate paradise getaway. Largely unknown to tourists until the 1980s. Langkawi has achieved what many destinations have failed to do, balancing a rapid tourism boom with the preservation of over 65% of its natural habitat. Langkawi received the status of a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2007. the island is home to lush forests, white sand beaches, waterfalls, caves and mangroves. Besides its natural beauty, it is an island rich in folklore. Many of its natural formations are steeped in legend, each story adding to the mystique and appeal of the place.

Langkawi Island : weather, infrastructure

I. Weather Langkawi

Weather is always a factor when planning a vacation, but it is less of an issue in Langkawi.
Although it officially has a dry (December-February) and rainy (March-November) season, it has one of the most stable climates of all the Malaysian islands.
The reason for this is that Langkawi is protected from major storms by the mainland on one side and Sumatra on the other.
Temperatures are fairly constant up to 35 ° C during the day and 29 ° C at night.
This temperature makes Langkawi an ideal place for tourism all year round.

II. How to go to Langkawi ?

You can get to the island by air or by sea.

  • If you are traveling from Kuala Lumpur by flight.
    You will leave from KLIA or KLIA2, depending on your airline. AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines offer good fares.
  • If you are going by sea, your journey starts by overnight sleeper train from KL Sentral station.
    You can also take a ferry to Langkawi from Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis, Penang or Satun (Thailand).
  • The KTM ETS high-speed train from KL Sentral to Arau is also a good travel alternative.
    It is a 5 hour train ride with affordable fares. From Arau, you can then take a cab to Kuala Perlis for about RM25.
  • You can of course take the car and go to the port of departure.
    You can then transfer your car by ferry, and enjoy your car once on the island.

III. Ferry prices

Price per person

If you decide to take the car, or train, or cab to the port, here are the rates below.

  • A ferry leaves Kuala Perlis for Langkawi approximately every hour from 7am to 7pm.
    The ferry ride takes a little over an hour.
  • For adults, the trip costs RM18 one way and RM36 round trip.
  • For children from 2 to 11 years old, count RM 26 each way.
  • Also for people over 60 years old, it would cost you RM26 each way.
  • For children under 2 years of age, it will cost RM 6 each way.

To transfer your car

The price will depend on the category of your car.

For a sedan, for example, it’s from RM 280 round trip for models under 1500 cc.
For an MPV, Pickup, VAN or 4×4, it starts from RM 380, the round trip.
For luxury cars like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Jaguar etc., it starts from RM590.
The “super car” (Ferrari, Porsche, Lanborghini, etc.), count RM 750.

What to do in Langkawi ?

I. Pentai Cenang and Tanjung Rhu

Sip your favorite cocktail at a beach bar along the sandy shores of Pantai Cenang.
Perfect your tan on the sunny beach of Tanjung Rhu by lying down between the swaying trees.
You can also take a sunset boat cruise.
See unique wildlife such as kingfishers, mudskippers, otters and white-bellied sea eagles.

By the way, you can find our top 6 beaches in Langkawi on our youtube video :

II. Mangrove forest, Seven wells, Sky Cab and Gunung Cinang

Kayak in the pristine mangrove forest of Langkawi.
Spend a day in nature by starting the morning with a hike to Seven Wells Waterfall.
Take the Sky Cab to the top of Gunung Mat Cinang for a breathtaking view of the island and the Andaman Sea.

III. Pulau Payar, Kuah, and Black Sand Beach

On a clear day, you can even see Thailand.
Spend a day snorkeling or scuba diving at Pulau Payar Marine Park.
You can also rent a jet-ski to fly over the waves of Pantai Cenang.

Make the most of duty-free shopping in Kuah and Pantai Cenang and stock up on your favorite snacks.
Buy a souvenir or a new item of clothing from the market stalls lining the entrances to beaches like Tanjung Rhu and Black Sand Beach.

Langkawi Island : hotel, transportation and budget

I. Accommodation : which hotel in Langkawi ?

Langkawi is one of the top travel destinations in Malaysia and there are hundreds of accommodation options.
Most of them are close to the city of Kuah and the rest are spread around the island.
So it’s up to you if you prefer to be based near nature or closer to civilization.
All hotels in Langkawi are easily accessible by scooter or car.

Although you can spend your whole stay in Langkawi, we think three days on the island is absolutely sufficient.
During this time, you will not be limited to relaxing on a beach.
You will have the opportunity to do water activities and even travel inland.

In case lounging on a beach is your main reason for traveling to langkawi, add as many days as you deem necessary to feel relaxed.

II. Transportation and budget : how much to expect for Langkawi ?

In case you decide to explore the island a bit, you should either rent a car, take a ride with a driver or book a tour to a place you want to go that includes transportation or scooter rental. As there is no public transportation on the island, you must be independent enough to get around.

Fortunately Langkawi is quite compact and driving is not difficult.
Certainly not as crazy as in the big cities of Southeast Asia, so you should be fine even without experience.

Concerning the budget, the island is tax free.
It is an ideal place to spend a vacation in Malaysia, with your friends, or with your family, solo or as a couple!

A budget of 50 – 100 RM per day is more than enough, but this can be increased very quickly depending on your wishes.
This is one of the advantages of Malaysia: you will have something for every budget.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article.
Please feel free to share your experience with us. Enjoy your stay!

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