Some ideas about Malaysia tour

Malaysia tours are a golden opportunity to have one of the most memorable travel experiences in a man’s life. Malaysia, this magnificent jewel will allow you to experience a relaxing vacation like never before, but also unique adventures in the jungle or water. Here are some ideas of circuit to prepare your holiday in malaysia.

Malaysia tours will not leave you indifferent. It is a great opportunity to discover the natural, historical, cultural and culinary heritage of the Southeast Asian region.

Malaysia Tour : Malaysia and the World

One of the best ways to see what a country has to offer is to go through these tours. Malaysia is an excellent opportunity to discover other countries, it also offers you the chance to admire some of the most panoramic views in Southeast Asia.

Malaysia is a hub where civilizations mix in harmony. For centuries, the country has been home to Chinese, Indians, British, Dutch, Portuguese and others. All this mix has given a unique charm to Malaysia.

This cultural diversity is reflected in the traditions as well as the artistic and culinary scene of the country. Malaysia is also popular because of its strong urban development and its natural and historical heritage. The country has several islands that make it one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia.

Malaysia is a unique experience to immerse yourself in the Asian culture. One of the strengths of the country is that it is connected to several other neighboring countries, which makes it easy to discover two to three countries.

Singapore Malaysia Tour

Singapore is a country composed of the main island as well as 62 islets and vast reclaimed lands. Thanks to its strategic location, Singapore has become a major commercial center. In 1819, it became a British colony. In the Second World War, the Japanese occupied the island. After the war, Singapore was returned to Britain.

In 1963, Singapore merged with the Federation of Malaysia to form Malaysia. Two years later, the independent Republic of Singapore was born. There are several direct flights to Singapore Malaysia. We recommend you to fly with AirAsia which is known for its good prices and quality of service.

The train is a very good alternative, the trip takes 7 hours. The train departs from Woodlands Station in Singapore to Johor Bahru in Malaysia. The Singapore Malaysia tour is one of the easiest to do because of the proximity between the two countries. It is also one of the most striking circuits. If you want to know more about the Singapore Malaysia tour, we invite you to read our article singapore malaysia.

circuit malaysia singapore

Circuit Thailand Malaysia

Without doubt one of the best tours to do in Southeast Asia. Thailand and Malaysia are two of the most popular destinations in the region. No matter how long you stay, it will never be enough to discover both countries.

Malaysia and Thailand constitute a very pleasant itinerary. You will have the chance to enjoy your days in each city by tasting the local cuisine and discovering the historical sites. We recommend you to take the coastal road. You will have the opportunity to see the highlights of Thailand and Malaysia. A trip along the coastal road or by the sea will allow you to discover the lively capitals of two very different countries.

This itinerary is perfect for anyone who wants to explore both countries in a limited amount of time. There are several ways to make the trip. We recommend you to take the plane or the train. There are many direct flights between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur at very attractive prices.

The train is also a good way to travel, especially if you take the Eastern & Oriental. It is a luxurious train that will allow you to discover the natural wealth of both countries in 24 hours. If you want to know more about the Thailand Malaysia tour, please read our article Thailand Malaysia tour.

The circuit between the islands of the Andaman Sea is a must-do!

circuit malaysia thailand
From Malaysian islands to Thai islands

Circuit Indonesia Malaysia

The Indonesia Malaysia tour is one of the most scenic tours available. The two Muslim-majority countries are attracting more and more tourists every year. The trip between Indonesia and Malaysia will allow you to discover the rich cultural heritage and natural diversity of the region.

You can spend your days sunbathing on the beautiful beaches, discovering the magnificent seabed or visiting the historical sites. There are several means of transportation that connect the two destinations. We recommend that you choose to travel by plane or boat. Several flights connect Indonesia to Malaysia.

Moreover, many airlines serve the two countries such as Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia and others. The boat is an excellent alternative especially if you want to visit the islands. Both countries are renowned for the quality of their islands. You can visit the island of Bali, the island of Penang or the island of Tioman. If you want to know more about the Indonesia Malaysia itinerary, we invite you to read our article Indonesia Malaysia tour.

circuit malaysia indonesia
Indonesia, our favorite vacation destination

Malaysia tour : a golden opportunity

Malaysia tours are a golden opportunity to experience the heart of Southeast Asia. These tours will allow you to discover the urban grandeur of Malaysia and its neighboring countries. It is also an opportunity to discover the beautiful islands, the splendid seabed and the various marine species that live there.

It is an opportunity to explore the amazing waterfalls, the dense rainforests and their lush vegetation. Malaysia tours are an opportunity to discover the cultural and historical heritage of the region. It is also the perfect opportunity for gourmet tourists to taste the best dishes of the region. Dishes that will last a lifetime thanks to their rich flavor and unique cooking methods. Malaysia tours are also a journey through time.

A chance to explore the colonial past and the sacrifices made by the local population. All countries have excellent air, sea and rail links with Malaysia. No matter which tour you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

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