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Flight Malaysia : travel to Malaysia, best flight company, how much

How to fly in Malaysia : the Malaysia flight

Malaysia flights are an excellent way to discover the country. Moreover, the means of transport in Malaysia are renowned for their comfort, good price and quality of service. To learn more about the means of transportation, we invite you to consult our article to move in Malaysia.

Malaysia has a very good air infrastructure which makes this small country in Southeast Asia very attractive and easily reachable. Malaysia is all the magic of Asia, it is an experience like never before. Malaysia flights make it easy to discover the country. If you want to know everything about Malaysia flights, this guide is for you.

flight malaysia

Getting around by plane in Malaysia : international flights

When preparing for your trip to Malaysia, you must first book your tickets for an international flight from your destination to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The two main local airlines in Malaysia are Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia.

International airports in Malaysia

Note that Malaysia’s airports receive a lot of air traffic, especially Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
The airports of Kota Kinabalu and Penang are also important air traffic points. Malaysia has several other small airports in the country, which makes it very easy to reach. Kuala Lumpur, the country’s capital, is the hub of international travel.

Airlines to travel to Malaysia

Several airlines from around the world serve the capital of Malaysia, tourists traveling to Southeast Asia frequently arrive in the country before making a transfer.
If you are traveling from France, don’t worry. Several airlines offer their services. You have a wide choice, you can fly with Air France, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways or Etihad Airways.

In recent years, the airline offering the best fares is Saudi Airlines.
We had the opportunity to test and you can find our feedback on our Youtube video below:

Which airline to choose between Paris and Kuala Lumpur?

All these airlines offer quality services and their prices are largely justified.

1. Singapore Airlines

In terms of quality of service, for us, Singapore Airlines is still the best company.
Their airport is huge and very well equipped.
Unfortunately, the prices are higher than all other companies.
It is important to check the promotional campaigns of the company, which can offer excellent rates.

2. Saudi Airlines

Good company, which offers the best rates generally, since 2020.
We traveled with them to 2021.

3. Turkish Airlines

Excellent company, especially if you want to make a stopover of several days in Istanbul.
Unfortunately, the airline does not offer many flights between France and Malaysia.

4. Emirates Airlines

We liked to travel with this company a few years ago.
Unfortunately, the prices have continued to rise and the quality of service has decreased.

5. Qatar Airways

It is a good company.
We have never been disappointed. We just need to find the right prices.
The stopover in Doha is, like the other Arab airlines, very useful, as it will be almost halfway, after 6-7 hours of flight.

6. Low-cost companies

There are no more low cost airlines offering flights from Paris to Kuala Lumpur.
Air Asia proposed a few years ago, flights from Paris, but it did not last (not profitable?).
On the other hand, Air Asia continues to fly from London. Its prices are very cheap, especially if you book well in advance. However, do not expect excellent service, the flight is very basic.

Which is the best airline for Paris – Kuala Lumpur?

For our part, Singapore Airlines offers the best flight quality. This airline offers very good deals.
However, the rates are higher.
Cathay Pacific is also an excellent company, if you have to travel to other Asian countries like Hong Kong.

In second place, we would place Qatar / Emirates / Etihad, provided that we find an excellent price.
Emirates makes a stopover midway: ideal for stretching your legs before getting back on the plane.

In third place, Turkish Airlines, which is also one of our favorites: it is especially ideal if you want to make a stopover in Istanbul.
Malaysia Airlines had the advantage of having direct flights to Malaysia in the past, but unfortunately this is no longer the case.
Many have also complained about the deterioration of service over the past few years, but for domestic flights.

If you are traveling from the United States, we recommend Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines or British Airways.
Prices are generally within reach, except during vacation periods.

We will make a video on Youtube, on the details of booking a ticket from Paris to Kuala Lumpur.

Getting around by plane in Malaysia : domestic flights

As soon as you book your international flight, you can start planning your getaways between the different Malaysian cities.
The most comfortable way to travel in Asia is by plane. The Southeast Asian country has excellent airlines that offer domestic flights at very reasonable prices.

Many tourists opt for this transportation option because of the comfort but also the great availability. Sometimes, domestic flights from Malaysia don’t cost much. You may come across some very good special offers. We recommend that you make your reservation as soon as possible.

Generally, tickets go quickly. If you decide to book only a few days in advance, it will certainly cost you more than booking your flight months before.

Which companies to travel by plane in Malaysia?

The most popular airlines in terms of internal flights are Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia. Despite the high profile of these two companies, there are many other providers of this service.

For example, Firefly or Singapore Airlines also offer high quality services. In the end, note that Air Asia still has hidden fees. You will certainly pay extra for many things that are not included in the price and are not always clearly indicated on the tickets. However, their prices remain largely within reach.

Since 2022, SK Airways has reopened services between Kuala Lumpur – Tioman / Pangkor.

Finally, a new airline saw the light of day in late 2022 : MYAirlines.
For the moment, no flight is available.

For us, AirAsia remains the best option.

How to book your flight Paris – Malaysia : flight comparison websites

One of the most effective ways to book your flight is to use comparison sites.
There are several sites that allow you to compare the different flights and services offered. We recommend :

I. Kiwi

One of the most popular flight search engines in the world. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices. Kiwi has a large database of over 700 airlines. It recommends the cheapest flight. Kiwi is a free tool that offers several search options. It also includes specific airports. This is a very useful feature especially for travelers who do not have a clear idea for their next getaway.

II. Momondo

One of the most powerful applications in terms of flight search. Users can search for specific flights or discover other travel options. Momondo has a large database that allows you to filter flights according to your needs. It is one of the most reliable applications. The app is free and compatible with Android and Apple devices, and allows users to select “anywhere” as an arrival destination and explore flight prices to various regions.

III. Skyscanner

Without a doubt, one of the most popular flight search engines in the world. Users can choose the calendar to compare thousands of flights to international and domestic destinations. For ecology lovers, the application highlights flights that emit the least carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to encourage you to buy their tickets and encourage them in this societal approach. Skyscanner also allows you to mix or match flights from different airlines. The application offers a search option to find the most attractive prices.

Our personal advice

Here’s a little personal rundown:

  • To book your flight from France, we usually use SKYSCANNER as a first step. We then refine, depending on the price.
  • We always prefer direct bookings with the airlines. The differences with the comparators (Opodo, Expedia, Ebookers, etc.) are generally not huge (except in exceptional cases, but we have never experienced any). You will have only one contact person, and any changes will be much easier to manage.
  • We always prefer to book internal flights in advance, in order to have the best rates and to travel more quietly. For these internal flights, we use AIRASIA. To travel to Indonesia, we also use AirAsia, when possible.
  • We avoid as much as possible (personal opinion), the “blacklisted” low-cost airlines such as Sriwijaya air, or Lion Air : these 2 airlines are no longer blacklisted today, but because of their past, we avoid as much as possible. At the time of writing this article, a Sriwijaya air company plane did not finish its flight, and unfortunately ended up in pieces…
    The updated official list of blacklisted companies is HERE.

Need help booking your trip to Malaysia?

We offer different services to create your trip to Malaysia.
Saving time and money, these services will take into account your situation and your budget.
Through private phone calls, we will prepare a customized tour for you.

Customized Malaysia Travel Service - Platinum 

Our PLATINUM travel service

The ideal service if you have never been to Asia, or if you don’t want to waste your time searching for tours, hotels or flights.

Customized Malaysia Travel Service - Silver 

Our SILVER travel service

If you are already familiar with Asia and Malaysia, this service might be enough for you.
We will help you plan your custom tour in Malaysia.

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