How to get around by taxi Malaysia?

Taxi Malaysia are a great way to get around the country. There are hundreds of reasons to visit Malaysia. You can explore the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, admire the architectural heritage of Melaka, head to the night markets in Borneo or relax on idyllic islands such as Penang or the Pulau Perhentian. To learn more about the means of transportation in Malaysia, we invite you to consult our article Getting around in Malaysia.

Available 24 hours a day, taxi Malaysia can be a very convenient, comfortable and affordable way to travel in Malaysia, especially if you are traveling in a group. Like many places in Southeast Asia, Malaysia’s taxi services are infamous for a myriad of traffic violations and petty scams. If you want to know everything about cabs Malaysia, this guide is for you.

Uber Grab Malaysia

Taxi Malaysia : Grab Malaysia and Uber Malaysia

I. Grab Malaysia : the best way to get around the city !

Although there are many types of taxis in Malaysia, you may want to take a taxi in the form of a private car. You may be late for a meeting or looking for more comfort. In this case, Grab Malaysia is an excellent choice of taxis.

Grab Malaysia is a transportation service that was founded in Malaysia in 2012. After gaining popularity, the company expanded to neighboring Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and more. Grab Malaysia currently operates in major cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Melaka to name a few. With this application, you can also plan your routes in advance.

Grab Malaysia is one of the most useful applications in Malaysia. The transportation service has the largest number of drivers in Southeast Asia, this application will help you find a taxi in a few clicks. One of the biggest advantages of Grab Malaysia is the pricing of the trip. So you won’t have to worry about the fare increase due to unexpected traffic jams. Grab Malaysia also offers ride sharing with other people. You can either pay by cash, credit card or PayPal.

II. Uber Malaysia : this service no longer exists in Malaysia

Another taxi service is Uber Malaysia, this application needs no further introduction. Uber Malaysia is very useful for getting to the less accessible places in Malaysia’s major cities. Just like Grab Malaysia you can plan your routes in advance.

Recently, Uber Malaysia added a cash payment option to its app, so you customers no longer have to pay by credit card. Uber Malaysia has also introduced a bookmarking feature for your frequent destinations. You will no longer need to type the name of your destination, it will only take one click to order your cab.

Uber Malaysia is known for the good reputation of its drivers. The company is very meticulous when hiring cab drivers. It has several thorough car screening procedures to ensure the safety of these passengers. If we compare Uber Malaysia to Grab Malaysia, there are not very big differences except for the ability to pin the destination. Whatever your choice, you won’t be disappointed.

Edit : Uber no longer exists in Malaysia

III. Normal taxi

The cities of Malaysia are equipped with a very good road infrastructure. Cities are generally connected and traveling seems to be a very easy task. Cabs can be used to get from one city to another, in general, Malaysian cabs are very comfortable. If you are in the major Malaysian cities, you will have no problem finding a cab service online. However, if you are in a small town, you will have to take a normal cab.

Large cities offer cheap cab services, which is also a convenient way to travel. In small towns, Malaysian cabs are the most convenient way to travel short distances. However, keep in mind that there is no yardage and that you will have to pay a fee in advance. If you need to travel from one city to another, you can opt for a long distance cab. For many travelers, long-distance cabs are the best choice for travel.

Cab Malaysia : tips and recommendations

To ensure the success of your trip, you need to have an idea about the cab Malaysia.
We will give you some recommendations to have a clearer idea about this transport service.

I. Cab coupons

In major Malaysian cities, avoid riding with a driver who refuses to turn on the meter and offers a flat rate. Generally, the drivers of normal cabs in Malaysia see tourists as victims to be scammed. If you are new to the country, we recommend that you buy cab vouchers. You can find these coupons at Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KL Sentral Station.

II. Sharing a seat

Although it is recommended to take the passenger seat in Western countries, we advise you to sit at the back of the cab. This is especially true for solo travelers. We also recommend that you do not ride with another passenger in the cab as this person could be an accomplice. If the driver stops during the trip to pick up another passenger during your ride, refuse to share seats. If he or she does not comply with your request, get out of the cab immediately.

III. Tip

Generally, tipping is not a common practice in Malaysia. The majority of cab drivers appreciate that customers pay a fair fare. However, if you liked the driver, you can offer a tip. There is no right or wrong amount to give. We advise you to take small amounts of money with you, some cab drivers in Malaysia claim not to have any change.
On the GRAB app, you can also choose to pay a tip, after the ride, when you are asked to give the driver a note.

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