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Labuan is one of the most unique islands in Malaysia. Malaysia’s islands keep attracting more and more visitors every year. An extraordinary natural and cultural wealth makes the Malaysian islands an imperative place to see. To learn more about the islands of Malaysia, we invite you to consult our article island Malaysia.

Pulau Labuan is one of the least populated tourist places in Malaysia. However, the island is full of tourist attractions that will keep you busy for a short period of time. The island has a very unique history, the Sultan of Brunei ceded the island to the British in 1846. The colonizers had the ambition to turn the island of Labuan into a control base against piracy. This base was to rival Hong Kong or Singapore over time. However, this vision was never realized. Today the island has more than 90,000 citizens, the island plays a significant role in offshore oil transportation in Malaysia. If you want to know more about Labuan, this guide is for you.

Labuan Island : weather and transportation

I. Weather

Pulau Labuan is a tax-free zone, it is ideal for shopping or buying alcohol at very low prices. The island is commonly called the pearl of Borneo. It is very popular for its quiet and peaceful lifestyle. Labuan consists of one large and six small islands. Unlike most islands in Malaysia, Labuan is not impacted by the monsoon. The pearl of Borneo can be visited all year round, however we recommend that you avoid visiting between November and February. During this period, the sea is agitated.

II. How to get to Labuan?

It is easy to go to Labuan from Kuala Lumpur, there are several direct flights between the two destinations. If you are traveling from Brunei or Sabah, you can take a ferry that will take you directly to the island. The journey takes between 20 and 30 minutes. On the way you can ask for day trips to the nearby islands to enjoy the beaches.

Labuan Island: tourist activities

There are a lot of tourist activities to do in the island, among the most famous we find :

I. The beaches

It is thanks to the excellent quality of the beaches that the island has earned its nickname. The most famous beaches are Pancur Hitam, Batu Manikar and Layang-Layangan. However, there are several other beaches that are more isolated and less known. The majority have outdoor dining areas and public bathrooms.

II. War Cemetery

Apart from the beach visits, there are several other tourist attractions. You can visit the war cemetery, a memorial site to the soldiers of the Second World War. You will find soldiers from different parts of Malaysia as well as from India, Australia and the UK. Each year, the locals commemorate the soldiers on Remembrance Day.

III. Allied landing points

The island is home to several other important historical monuments from the World War II era. You can visit the Allied landing point and the Japanese surrender park.

IV. Scuba diving

One of the most famous activities in Labuan is scuba diving. There are four excellent dive sites on the island: the Blue Water Wreck, the Australian Wreck, the American Wreck and the Cement Wreck.

V. Shopping

You can also go shopping because of Labuan’s tax system. The Pearl of Borneo is duty free so if you want to save money, you can wait until you arrive on the island to stock up on souvenirs. On the island, you will find several modern shopping malls as well as stores offering local products.

VI. Sport fishing

Labuan is known as an excellent destination for sport fishing. The beaches around the island and the beaches of neighboring islands are home to rich coral reefs and beautiful fishing areas. You can visit the water village near the island. The village is always an interesting insight into the very different lifestyle of the local citizens. The inhabitants of the water village live their lives on the water in wooden walkways and houses on stilts.

VII. Marine Museum

On the way, you can stop to admire the marine museum of Labuan. A magnificent museum located in the International Maritime Sports Complex. It contains a range of objects from wrecks and other maritime objects.

On the island of Labuan: How to get around? How to dress?

I. How to get around?

Pulau Labuan is perfect for tourists looking for a very quiet and peaceful lifestyle. The pearl of Borneo is the perfect place to retreat from the world and escape for a while. Regarding transportation, Labuan is a small island, so the cab fares will not break your bank account. A few cabs are available on Labuan Island; most do not use meters.

However, renting a car is a very good alternative to get around the island. Especially if you want to visit several tourist places. Keep in mind that you will need an international driver’s license. It is easy to drive on the island, due to the light traffic. The bus is also a very good alternative. Labuan has several numbered minibuses that run throughout the island. You can take the minibuses from any bus stop. The main bus stop is located in front of the Victoria Hotel.

II. How to dress?

Labuan is a tropical destination, the climate is hot and dry. However, keep in mind that Malaysian society is mainly Muslim and conservative. It would be best to dress in a way that is respectful of the Malaysian culture. In many popular tourist destinations, Malays are used to tourists wearing light clothing. However, in the remote areas of Labuan, you may experience culture and dress shock.

Open a company in Labuan

If you want to open a company in Labuan, you have to know that Federal State applies their own rules.
You can open offshore company in Labuan, and get a visa Labuan.
As a foreigner, it is easier since 2019 : the minimum capital is now RM 1 only.

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