Tioman Island Malaysia : travel guide, recommandations, hotel

Tioman is one of the best islands in the world. The islands of Malaysia are the perfect place to turn your dream into reality. They are impressive in their charm and make you want to spend the rest of your life on the beach. If you want to know more about the islands in Malaysia, please read our article island Malaysia.

Tioman, more commonly known as Pulau Tioman has beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters. You can admire the giant rocks, the underwater life and the tropical forests. The island is located on the east coast, it is very large and consists of 7 villages. the island is very well known for its nightlife and water activities. In this guide, you will discover the best activities, accommodation, weather and other general information.

Tioman Island : weather and transportation

I. Weather in Tioman

Like most of the islands of Malaysia, there are two seasons on the island. A dry season between February and November, and the monsoon season between November and February. Rainy season from mid-November to mid-February, the average temperature is about 32 degrees. Dry season from mid-February to mid-November, the average temperature during the dry season is 30 ° C while for the monsoon season it is 30 ° C. The ideal time to visit the island of Tioman is between July. The climate is drier and you avoid the high season.

II. How to go to Tioman ?

There are two ways to get to the island, either by plane or by bus. If you choose to fly, you will land at the airport on Tioman Island in the village of Tekek. There is a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Tioman. Transportation by air is very convenient in terms of time and budget. The bus remains a very good alternative, a direct bus connects Kuala Lumpur to the cities of Mersing or Tanjung Gemok. From these two cities, you can either take a ferry (3 hours) or a private boat (2 hours).

Tioman Island : tourist activities

The island offers tourists beautiful views but also several fascinating activities. A unique experience awaits you at Pulau tioman. Among the tourist activities to do on the island :

I. Kampung Tekek

You can visit Kampung Tekek, the main village of the island. Kampung Tekek is known for its modern urban infrastructure and marina. The shops in Kampung Tekek offer a full range of products and services to tourists.

II. Tioman Dive Center

On Tioman Island, you will find a diving center, which is called Tioman Dive Center.
You can also go scuba diving. A mixture of feelings awaits you. Scuba diving is one of the best activities on the island of Tioman. Create unforgettable memories by swimming next to the fish and admire the marine beauty of the island.

III. Taman Laut

One of the best activities to do in the island is to visit the ecological park of Taman Laut. A very popular park with tourists because of the various family attractions. After your visit to Taman Laut, go to Genting Bay. One of the most beautiful villages of Pulau tioman.

IV. The bay of Genting

Genting Bay offers one of the most picturesque views in Malaysia. You can admire the beauty of the beach and the lush tropical forests. You will find several hotels and restaurants in Genting Bay. You can enjoy delicious pizza in open spaces while listening to the soothing music of the nearby waves. Genting Bay is the perfect place to enjoy the island’s calm while savoring the island’s delicious food.

On Tioman Island : what are the accommodations and hotels?

Regarding housing, you have four housing areas in front of you.
Your choice will depend on your budget, time and leisure activities. Tioman Island has several unique residential complexes and hotels that offer the utmost in luxury and comfort.

I. Neighborhood ABC

The ABC district is the most popular in pulau tioman because of the nightlife. If you are looking to party, this is the area for you. In the ABC district, you will find several types of inexpensive accommodations as well as several bar-restaurants. The rooms in the ABC district are very basic but very comfortable. Generally, hotels in the ABC district do not offer breakfast, however you will find several inexpensive restaurants.

II. Kampung Tekek

The second accommodation area is Kampung Tekek, the main village of the island. There are several golden beaches nearby and many budget hotels. Unlike the tourist-filled ABC district, in Tekek, the locals are everywhere. If you are looking for a local experience, Tekek is the place to be.

III. Salang

The third area of accommodation in tioman island is Salang. It is similar to ABC, Salang is perfect for tourists looking for parties and nightlife. You can enjoy the many beaches where you can meet new people in a resto-bar. There are also several scuba diving training schools. Comprehensive training for both the novice and the experienced.

IV. Juara

The last area of accommodation is Juara, it is the most beautiful region of the island of tioman. Juara has some of the best beaches on the island, perfect for a family or couple’s vacation. It is a very quiet part of the island and there is no nightlife like in ABC or Salang. However, it is a magnificent area of accommodation for tourists in search of tranquility and a renewed relationship with nature.
Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

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