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Penang island malaysia : weather, hotel, what to do and eat, budget

State of Penang Malaysia, a popular Malaysian destination

One of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia is Penang Malaysia. Besides, Malaysia is one of the best destinations in the Asian continent. A combination of human and divine power. A mix of cultures, languages and culinary recipes. Compared to many countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is highly developed. Between skyscrapers, air transport and colonial buildings, Malaysia will mark your life forever. If you want to know more about Malaysian cities, please read our article Malaysian city.

One of the most popular destinations in Malaysia is Penang. The city has gained its tourist fame thanks to its culinary wealth and the beautiful graffiti art on its walls. The charming atmosphere of the old town and its beautiful beaches. We have put together a guide that will help you know everything you need to know to plan your trip to penang malaysia. This guide includes must-see tourist spots, the best restaurants, hotel recommendations and other important information.

Penang island Malaysia : geography, weather, transport

Geographic point

Penang Malaysia is located in the northwest of Peninsular Malaysia opposite the Strait of Malacca. The island is a perfect destination to escape the traffic and pollution of the big Malaysian cities. Unlike the capital Kuala Lumpur, Penang is small with narrow streets. For a Malaysian city, Penang has an unusually high ratio of ethnic Chinese population. This creates a unique cultural diversity. If you are concerned about communication, don’t worry, the majority of Penang citizens speak English. However, it is always respectful to learn at least a few phrases (enough for basic communication) in Malay.

Where is Penang Malaysia
Where is Penang?

The climate in Penang

Penang Malaysia is like any other island in northwest Malaysia. The weather is humid and hot all year round. The average temperature in the city is 28 ° C and its highest temperature is 32 ° C.
The best time to visit Penang Malaysia is between December and February.
The worst period is between September and October, when the island becomes submerged by tropical rains.

How to go to Penang ?

The best way to go to Penang Malaysia is by plane. However, the bus remains a very good alternative.
To get around the island, GrabCar is the ideal choice. However, for long distances, we recommend you to use public transport. Public transport is not the best option in penang malaysia, but certainly the most economical.

The best places to visit


Most tourists start their visit in Georgetown, the cult district of Penang Malaysia. It is the perfect place to take beautiful pictures of the graffiti and architectural masterpieces of the island. Just get lost in the narrow streets of the city. On the way, pay a visit to Cheong Fatt Tzeou or more commonly called “Blue Mansion”. The buildings of the district are painted in indigo blue. The Blue Mansion was built in the late 19th century by the merchant Cheong Fatt Tzeou. The Blue Mansion is a 38 room mansion. It was used as a private residence for Chinese families and a storage center.

Batu Feringghi

Continue your journey to Batu Feringghi, one of the most popular tourist spots in Penang Malaysia. Batu Feringghi is located in the northern part of the city. Relax in a long white sandy beach surrounded by local restaurants and luxurious hotels. Batu Feringghi is the perfect destination to enjoy the nightlife in penang malaysia.

Little India

At the end of the day, enjoy one of the best sunsets in Little India. As you walk you will see the small streets illuminated with small lanterns giving a unique charm to Little India. On the way, smell the spices perfuming the alleys and look at the beautiful Indian fabrics.

The piers

If you’re a morning person, wake up at dawn and take a little walk around the piers. These are small water villages located on the coast of Georgetown.
Each pier was named after a Chinese clan.
The oldest of its villages is Chew Jetty, built in the mid-19th century.

The temples

Like most Malaysian cities, Penang Malaysia has its own temple. The Kek Lok Si temple was built at the end of the 19th century by the monk Beow Lean. After your visit to Kek Lok Si temple, you can visit Penang Hill. A group of hills whose highest point is 833 meters above the sea. Penang Hill offers a beautiful view of penang malaysia.

Accommodation, and budget on Penang

Where to stay in Bayan Lepas ?

The choice of accommodation in penang malaysia is very diverse and affordable. If you are traveling to penang malaysia by air, we recommend that you look for accommodation in Bayan Lepas.
The neighborhood is located near the penang malaysia international airport.
However, Bayan Lepas is a bit far from Georgetown and the two beaches to the north.
Nevertheless, you will find several tourist attractions such as the snake temple, the war museum and the famous aquarium.

Where to stay in Georgetown ?

Without a doubt, the ideal choice of accommodation would be Georgetown, the cult corner of the island. There you will be able to admire the colonial architecture and taste the delicious dishes of the region. However, if you want to stay closer to the beach, the ideal choice would be Batu Feringghi. Between Batu Feringghi and Georgetown, you will find Tanjung Bungah. An excellent choice for lovers of water sports and relaxation under the palm trees.
Regarding the budget, we recommend that you share a hotel room with another person. A budget between RM 120 and 150 is more than enough. The budget includes the cost of accommodation, transportation, tourist attractions and food.

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