Expatriates and tourists love Georgetown Malaysia

Georgetown Malaysia is a city like no other. A local experience that will give you a real picture of Malaysia. Each of the cities in this beautiful Southeast Asian country is unique and has its own characteristics. If you want to know more about the cities of Malaysia, do not hesitate to consult our article city malaysia.

Georgetown is located on the island of Penang. This island is located off the west coast of Malaysia. Georgetown Malaysia is rich in history, culture and in the culinary field. If you want to know everything about Georgetown, this guide is for you

Georgetown history

Georgetown Malaysia is the second largest city in the country next to the capital Kuala Lumpur. However, Georgetown Malaysia is not like the big cities in the country. In fact, downtown George Town was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 because of its preservation of culture and the many historic buildings in the area.

In the past, Georgetown Malaysia was the British trading post and was named after King George III. The city of Georgetown is a melting pot of cultures. A multicultural kaleidoscope where Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and European civilizations meet. This unique identity of the country is reflected in its different architectural styles, culinary styles and places of worship.

In Georgetown Malaysia you can see a Chinese temple, a mosque and a Hindu temple within a few blocks of each other. The coexistence of different faiths and origins creates a unique culture in this very special city.

malaysia city GeorgeTown
Where is George Town?

Georgetown : tourist activities

Georgetown Malaysia is home to a rich historical and architectural heritage. There are many tourist activities to do in the city such as

Admire the street art

Georgetown Malaysia is very popular because of its street art. The city is full of cool street paintings, some of them are made so that you can be part of the picture. You will just have to walk quietly in the different streets in search of the most beautiful place.

Visit the Blue Mansion

Generally, the Blue Mansion is a novel experience for tourists visiting Georgetown. Unlike the rest of the monuments, the visit is done in the shade. The Blue Mansion is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The name comes from the different indigo blue paintings that cover the building. It was built at the end of the 19th century by the rich Chinese merchant Cheon Fatt Tze.

Shopping in the Armenian street

The Armenian street is a paradise for shopping and souvenir collecting lovers. The street is home to several nice antique and modern stores. You will find clothes, souvenirs and antiques. After your little shopping tour, you can walk along Pier 35. There you will find cafe-bars, restaurants and small stores and exhibitions.

Discover the clan’s pier

The Clan Pier is the perfect place to watch the sunset in Georgetown. The clan jetty consists of houses built on wooden poles. they were built by the Chinese clans who lived in this region. During a century and a half, 7 streets were built, however one was lost due to a fire. The remaining six streets are accessible. Nowadays, some of these houses and stores are empty, however, in some streets members of the seven Chinese clans still live there.

Visit the Kek Lok Si temple

Discover the Kek Lok Si temple, a Buddhist place of worship five miles from the center of Georgetown. The temple is gigantic, it is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia.
You will find an integrated cable car that serves the different floors of the temple.
From there, you can also walk through the first part of the temple to the second floor.
Take the opportunity to see some different temples: a beautiful pink and white pagoda and the famous Kuan Yin statue.

Kek Lok Si Temple
Kek Lok Si Temple

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Additional information on George Town

The city’s culinary heritage is outstanding. It is a mixture of different styles (Malay, Chinese, Muslim and Indian). Generally, tourists have a great time enjoying the different types of food offered in the night markets or in the restaurants.

If you are looking for a unique food experience, we recommend a trip to the Leboh Chulia district. You can try the noodle soups that will certainly make you want to have a second bowl. You will often find a long line of people waiting their turn to be served. Don’t worry, even though the line is long, the vendors are very fast. They can even serve a person in 30 seconds, it seems they are not human.

In the neighborhood, you will find several food carts with plastic tables and chairs. You will have the opportunity to share your meal with tourists but also with local people.

If you are looking for entertainment, we recommend Love Lane. This is the most popular nightlife area in Georgetown Malaysia. Love Lane is a small alleyway that houses several restaurants offering lunch and dinner specials.

Love Lane restaurants play live music. Keep in mind that Georgetown Malaysia is not a city for party people, you will have a hard time finding clubs and great parties. However, there are a lot of bars and restaurants where you can have fun.

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