Opening a Labuan company and obtaining a Labuan visa

One of the little known solutions to obtain a work visa in Malaysia, is to open a company on Labuan.
On the other hand, obtaining information on this type of visa is very complicated, since the conditions and regulations change regularly.
The information you find on the internet is often not up to date.
To find out more about the job market in Malaysia, we recommend that you visit our page on work Malaysia.

In any case, you should know that this Labuan visa could meet the expectations of some candidates who wish to settle in Malaysia.
Many conditions must be met. This article is for if you want to know more about the LABUAN VISA.


Get a Labuan visa by creating your Labuan company

We have presented you with different MALAYSIA VISAs, and you may have realized that the conditions are quite complicated.
For example, the MM2H visa has advantages but also disadvantages compared to the Labuan visa.
The MM2H visa requires, for example, a minimum monthly income of RM40000, and an escrow account of RM1,000,000!
The Labuan visa could be a solution for entrepreneurs.
To get a Labuan visa, you need open a company in Malaysia.

work malaysia
work malaysia

Steps to open a Labuan company

To obtain a Labuan visa, you must go through different steps.
Opening the company on Labuan and getting the visa can be very complicated if you are not accompanied by the right people.

Create your company in Labuan

We will have to start by opening a company on Labuan.
For this, you will have to contact different companies in Malaysia that can take care of this step.
Don’t trust just any company: scams exist all over the world, and Malaysia is no exception.

Apply for a work visa, the Labuan visa

Once the company is created, you will then have to apply for a visa for yourself.
You will therefore be an employee of your own company.
This LABUAN visa will allow you to reside in Malaysia: you can live anywhere in Malaysia.
You will not be required to reside in Labuan.

The advantages of opening a Labuan company

As far as taxation is concerned, if you respect certain conditions, you can obtain excellent exemptions and pay, for example, only 3% of company taxes.
Among these conditions, you will have to recruit 2 employees in Labuan and realize a minimum amount of annual expenses.

The other advantage over setting up a regular company (SDN BHD for example) is that the minimum capital is RM1.
So you don’t need a lot of capital at all.

Finally, the Labuan visa lasts 2 years and is renewable.

Labuan Visa
Labuan Visa

The disadvantages of the LABUAN VISA

You will need to prepare a good file to create and obtain your Labuan visa.
This can seem like a long time if you don’t follow all the formalities to the letter.
You will be asked to provide a number of documents, such as a translation of your diplomas into English, your birth certificate, etc.

If you are married with children, you will also have to pay an additional VISA fee.
You will also need to provide many other documents, such as a translated marriage certificate certified by the embassy, passport photos, birth certificates, etc.

In addition to these disadvantages, it will also be necessary to keep an accountancy, and to have a positive balance sheet so as not to have problems when renewing your visa.

Want to know more about the LABUAN VISA ?

I spent a lot of time comparing the different offers, but also avoiding a lot of scams.
We were able to get the right contacts and obtain a Labuan visa, by creating a company on Labuan, with a real activity.

If you wish to know more, and to be accompanied in these steps, you can contact us by e-mail.
We will provide you with the details for this.

We will then give you all the most reliable and efficient contacts!
This way you can avoid all the mistakes we have made.
You will save time and you will be more serene in your expatriation.

With our private coaching, you will avoid making the same mistakes I did, and avoid losing money.
If you are already an entrepreneur, you would understand that it is essential to save time on everything possible.

Of course, if you want to save as much of your capital as possible, and you have a lot of time on your hands, you can do it all yourself.
At your own risk, but it is not impossible, we are the proof!

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  1. hi there.

    we have been struggling to get an expatriate visa in Malaysia under our Malaysian company for 4 years. We are interested in applying for the Labuan visa. I am trying to get all the information possible to do this. I would appreciate help and advice and a contact of a good agent. I was also wondering the estimate total cost involved.

  2. Good morning, thanks for the article, would you please tell me if this is still applicable? Because I heard the legislation changed recently

  3. zahoor ul hassan qazi

    Being highly impressed of your experience I may ask if I can open an Islamic Trust for islamic caligraphy and art, and get it registered in labuan can I call my son as share holder and worker for framing my paintings, how much is living cost, what is the minimum house rent. can a trust be opened in renting building by declaring the house owner as settler and trustee or share holder, can I hire and get visa for pakistani framers. thanks

  4. Hi,
    I am interested in applying a Labuan Visa and opening a manufacturing unit in Malaysia.

    Please share the relevant information and guide accordingly.


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