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Where to eat in Malaysia : international restaurants Malaysia

Eating out in international restaurants Malaysia

International restaurants Malaysia enrich the culinary scene of the country. The cuisine of Malaysia is known to be one of the best in Asia and the world. Malaysia’s culinary scene is a mix of different civilizations. If you want to know more about the food in Malaysia, we invite you to read our article where to eat in Malaysia.

Who doesn’t love international restaurants Malaysia? You could have a delicious dish in the blink of an eye! This convenience attracts the attention of young Malays who after a long day of work want to eat a delicious dish without waiting too long. Now, for many people, fast food has become part of their lifestyle in Malaysia. International restaurant chains have grown rapidly in Malaysia since the 1960s. If you want to know everything about the world of international restaurants Malaysia, this is the guide for Malaysia.

International restaurants Malaysia : market overview

According to the latest survey of “Buzz Research” in Malaysia, the international restaurant KFC is the most popular in Malaysia. The famous McDonald’ s comes in second place, followed by Texas Chicken and Burger King. The international restaurant KFC has entered the Malaysian market since 1973. KFC currently serves over 600 locations nationwide. Its direct rival McDonald’s has only 300 outlets.

Chicken is popular with the majority of the locals here.
Whether it’s Muslims, who don’t eat pork, or Chinese, or Indians, KFC is unanimous.
In fact, we can find KFCs quite easily all over the country, and even in the most unlikely places!
Their prices are also part of the reasons for their success.

You will find the same international restaurants as in France like Pizza Hut, Subway, Dominos Pizza and A&W.
There is really something for everyone.

International Restaurants Malaysia : McDonald’s Malaysia Dishes

International restaurants in Malaysia have realized the need to incorporate local ingredients in the preparation of their dishes. Among the restaurants that have succeeded in this integration is McDonald’s. McDonald’s offers several culturally appropriate meals and beverages:

I. Cakoi Bubur Menu

McDonald’s Malaysia Cakoi Bubur menu is perfect for breakfast. Cakoi Babur is a Chinese style fried breadstick while Bubur is a rice porridge. The menu is served daily at McDonald’s locations between 4 a.m. and 11 a.m. The menu includes Cakoi Babur and a cup of hot soy milk.

II. Nasi Lemak Burger

Usually McDonald’s offers a burger with a soft drink. However, McDonald’s Malaysia offers a special burger, the Nasi Lemak Burger. Nasi Lemak is usually served on a banana leaf, however McDonald’s has turned it into a burger. The Nasi Lemak Burger features a succulent chicken leg and fried egg with spicy sambal sauce in a crispy chili bun. The franchise offers the burger with a McFlurry green tea. Nasi Lemak is a national dish of Malaysia. It is also considered one of the best favorite dishes of Southeast Asia.

III. Burger Syok

The Syok Burger consists of a grilled chicken leg placed between two toasted sesame seed buns. The Syok Burger is one of the best dishes in Malaysia. The dish includes bread bathed in a spicy Syok sauce with fresh vegetables. A burst of flavors awaits you.

IV. Pulut Hitam Pie

Pulut Hitam pie is a local dessert. Recently, McDonald’s began offering it in all its locations. The pie is made of black sticky rice. This rice is popular with street vendors in Malaysia. Generally, the Pulut Hitam pie is served in a bowl. The franchise has given it a modern look while retaining its local attributes.

The dishes change regularly, as in every country.
We will try to make a video for each of her dishes but personally, I remain a fan of the Big Mac, while Asmae prefers the filet-o-fish 🙂

International Restaurants Malaysia : Drinks and Ice Cream from McDonald’s Malaysia

I. Jagung flavored sundae cone

The Jagung flavored sundae cone has quickly become a trend in Malaysia. Today, some McDonald’s branches stock Jagung cones in and around Kuala Lumpur. The inexpensive snack served as creamy yellow ice cream in a pink cone is perfect on a hot day.

II. Cendol flavored ice cream

The Green Cendol is very popular in Malaysia. This ingredient is in the form of a jelly. You should know that there are several types of Cendol. McDonald’s offers an ice cream with Green Cendol. A unique experience awaits you.

III. Bandung McFizz

Bandung is a very popular pink drink in Malaysia. The Bandung is made of concentrated milk then mixed with rose syrup. Bandung is widely consumed during the holy month of Ramadan. McDonald’s Malaysia offers the Bandung drink. The Bandung McFizz is a refreshing drink that you will surely love.

IV. D24 Durian McFlurry

Durian is one of the most popular fruits in Malaysia. You will often find street vendors selling it in pieces. McDonald’s has created a Durian-based McFlurry. This is a beautiful, creamy McFlurry swirled with vanilla and chocolate bits. The Durian McFlurry is certainly the most unique McFlurry in the world.

V. McFlurry Green Tea

Green tea is very popular in Malaysia, one can even say that the Malays are obsessed with green tea. McDonald’s has taken advantage of this obsession with green tea and turned it into McFlurry. The delicious dessert consists of a thick creamy green filling with strong Japanese-style tea notes.

VI. Milo Mcflurry

The Milo McFlurry is inspired by a favorite Malaysian drink. Milo is a hot chocolate powder drink served warm or with ice. McDonald’s has created a Milo and ice cream blend to create a delicious McFlurry treat topped with cereal pieces.

International restaurants Malaysia have become an integral part of the Malaysian lifestyle. It is clear that international restaurants Malaysia will continue to evolve and innovate.

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