Study in Malaysia : student visa and accommodation

Are you currently a student, or do you want to go back to school?
Do you want to experience studying in Malaysia ?
So here is some information in this article that might be useful to you.
We will share some tips for students in Malaysia: budget, apartment, visa, etc.

Why study in Malaysia?

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How to study in Malaysia : the student visa

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What is the budget?

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The biggest burden: housing

We have devoted an entire article on the search for a student room in Malaysia.
This is indeed (normally!) your biggest monthly expense on your budget.
Expect to pay between RM500 and RM900 per month for a shared room (100 euros to 180 euros).
For those on a tight budget, you can always find a room for around RM250 per month (50 euros).

If you have a bigger budget, you can look for a studio or an apartment with several rooms.
You can read our page dedicated to the search for apartment in Malaysia.

Leisure activities : outings and restaurants

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Daily life

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Study in Malaysia

Our advice for students

Finally, if we can share some tips with you:

  • Think about your studies of course: there will be plenty of temptations and distractions. Between going out with friends, restaurants, weekends at the beach, don’t forget that you’re there to get your diploma.
  • Prepare yourself psychologically before leaving your home country, and especially your family. You will probably be tens of thousands of kilometers away from your family and friends. For some, this will not be a difficulty, for others, it could be difficult to manage the first months ????
  • Try to create a new network of friends before arriving in Malaysia. Social networks, such as Facebook, could help you find friends or at least some contacts and advice locally.
  • Be resourceful, whether it be for your student life or your future professional life. Being in another country, and far from your relatives, will force you to learn to manage on your own, if this is not already the case ????
  • Learn a few words in Bahasa Melayu (Malay language) even if you will be in an international school: it can always be useful in your CV if you want to pursue a professional career, or even just travel with locals in Malaysia!
  • Getting to know Malaysia on a cultural level will allow you to better integrate. We share a lot of information around Malaysia on our website and on our social networks (Instagram, Facebook and Youtube).

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