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Welcome on our website

Welcome to our website dedicated to Malaysia.
We are a French expatriate family in Malaysia.
Ihsane, Asian origin and Asmae, Moroccan origin.
Having Malaysian family, and having already visited Malaysia many times, since 2008, we decided to put our luggage in this country.
We will try to present you Malaysia, under several plans:
life in Malaysia
work in Malaysia, holidays in Malaysia
education in Malaysia, health in Malaysia, etc.
In short, everything about Malaysia!
All articles on this site are based on our own experience. If you have any suggestions, or corrections to make, do not hesitate to contact us 🙂

Customize your travel tour in Malaysia : our service

We travel around Malaysia since 2008 : more than 15 years of travel experience

With our experience in Malaysia, and more globally on all Southeast Asia, we offer support for all your projects of travel Malaysia.
Whether it is in a group, with friends, with family, with young children, or with elderly parents, we will provide you with tailored advice and answer all your questions to prepare your vacations in Malaysia.

We will assist you with your expatriation Malaysia

Are you planning to expatriate to Malaysia?
Or are you already an expatriate in another country in the world but now you want to settle in Malaysia?
Then we can help you with our expertise and make your expatriation to Malaysia easier.

Two services are offered.

Study of your project

A study of your project, by phone. This is a paid telephone service.
During your call, we will study your expatriation project and give you our personal opinion. Please note that you should only take this service if you already have a well-prepared project: we do not deal with job search or market research.

Company creation + visa

Training for entrepreneurs (e-merchant, blogger, digital content creator, online coach, etc.).
This is a video training of more than 3 hours.
Through this training, you will be able to set up a company in Malaysia, on Labuan, and get a working visa through your Labuan company.
According to some conditions, you can especially benefit from a 0% taxation : Malaysia is a country based on territorial taxation, so you do not pay no tax on income generated outside Malaysia (until 2026, according to the current Malaysian laws).

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When to go to Malaysia?
Where to go in Malaysia?
What to do in Malaysia?
Which SIM card to choose during a short vacation?
When to visit the Perhentian Islands. We also asked ourselves these questions about Malaysia.

We share with you our different experiences in Malaysia to perhaps inspire you for your stays in Malaysia

Living in Malaysia

Some details about our expatriation to Malaysia.
Moving from France to Malaysia, administrative procedures, logistics, etc.
What are the different visas (tourist, MM2H, Malaysia work permit, dependant pass, Talent Pass, etc.)

What to expect? What is the daily cost of living? What is the budget for vacations etc?

We are a French-Asian-Moroccan family. We share some videos on Youtube, or in private on several themes, always around Malaysia: restaurants, travel ideas Malaysia, mosques in Malaysia, good plans Malaysia, disadvantages Malaysia and advantages Malaysia, etc.

From finding apartments, schools for children, Moroccan cuisine, etc. daily life in Malaysia!

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