The mosque of the Perhentian Islands: Masjid Ar-Rahman

    Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country. You can find many mosques throughout the country.
    Mosques in Malaysia play a central role in the lives of Muslims. They are distinguished by their impressive architecture and their importance as places of prayer, community gathering and preservation of Islamic culture.

    One of the most visited mosques in Malaysia, is the Perhentian Mosque, which is located more exactly on the island
    Kecil Island.

    Perhentian Mosque in Malaysia
    Perhentian Mosque in Malaysia

    What to do in Perhentian Islands: visit the Perhentian Mosque

    Many of you have asked us for advice about the
    Perhentian Islands
    What to do on the Perhentian Islands ?
    Let’s remember that the Perhentian Islands are a group of 2 islands:

    1. Pulau Perhentian Kecil (which means “Little Perhentian Island”)
    2. Pulau Perhentian Besar (which means “The big island Perhentian”)

    You have many activities that we can recommend:

    • Snorkeling: you will find many marine animals, such as turtles or sharks (harmless), and admire the corals in different spots.
    • Scuba diving
    • Rest on the beach: yes, that’s part of the activities!
    • Visit the village of the locals, including the mosque of the Perhentian Islands.

    How to go to the Perhentian Mosque?

    To visit all the different spots of the Perhentian, nothing could be easier.
    On the other hand, plan enough of the species if you want to move regularly between the islands and the different spots.

    So how do you get there?

    It’s very simple: from your hotel, you will easily find cab boats (cab boat service).
    Just ask one of these cab boats to drop you off at the Fishermen Village (Kampung in Malay).

    How much does it cost?

    The average one-way ticket costs RM15 (about 3 euros), per person. It will depend on where you are going.
    We’ll tell you more about the cab boats in the next videos, so don’t hesitate to subscribe to receive notifications.
    If you leave from Long Beach, for example, it will take RM15, and about 5-10 minutes by boat.

    Perhentian Mosque: a beautiful floating mosque

    If you have already come to Perhentian, you must have passed in front of this mosque, when you arrived by boat.
    This mosque is built on water, and is white in color. This is why it is also called the “White Mosque”.
    Know that if you want the mosque, you need to dress appropriately.
    If you are in shorts, you should know that
    are available for men.
    For women, you will also find
    prayer dresses
    This is the same in all mosques and prayer halls in Malaysia.

    The interior of the Perhentian mosque

    Before entering the mosque, do not forget to take off your shoes.
    There is a specific entrance for women: they have access to their private prayer room.

    The exterior of the Perhentian Mosque

    The mosque is built on water.
    White in color, this mosque is visible even from the island Perhentian Besar (opposite).
    In addition to this, several megaphones were installed on the islands, in order to broadcast the call to prayer.
    From the PIR beach, for example, you will clearly hear the ADHAN.

    What to do after visiting the mosque?

    After visiting the mosque, you can also walk around the village: you will find some restaurants and grocery stores.
    Remember to stay hydrated: we remind you that it is between 30 and 35 degrees all year round in Malaysia, during the day.

    In the village, you will also find some cheap accommodations for small budgets.
    For example, the Nemo Chalet is also a good spot if you want to see clownfish (nemo).

    What are the hotels near the mosque in Perhentian?

    Many of you also ask us for advice on hotels in the Perhentian Islands: which hotel to choose and why?
    There is a wide choice, but if you are with your family, and if you come during the high season (June to the end of August), this choice will be very quickly limited.
    We always advise you to book in advance.

    Opposite the mosque, on the island Perhentian Besar, you will find the following hotels:

    • the very popular ABDUL CHALET
    • the recent BEACH BOX PERHENTIAN
    • the SUHAILA PALACE, also very recent but less expensive than the BEACH BOX (they are neighbors)

    We will tell more about the choice of Perhentian hotels in a future article and detailed video.

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