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Within the framework of a mission requested by one of our customers, we visit some properties.
Our client will soon move to Malaysia and wants to visit some properties from a distance, with quite precise criteria.

Description of the house Malaysia

Here, it is a house of type TERRACED HOUSE: semi-detached on 2 sides.
The one we visited is semi-detached on one side only, so its price is a bit higher than the other houses in the residential area.

Lighting, fans and curtains will be installed.
No air conditioner in the rooms: the tenant will have to take care of these expenses himself.

Residents also have access to a swimming pool, a gym, and children’s playgrounds, as well as a small soccer field.

Price of house rental Malaysia

The rental of the same house (there are more than 30 available so far) is between RM 1300 and RM 1500 (about 280 to 325 euros).

This will vary depending on the joint ownership and whether it is furnished or not.

Commitment between 1 and 2 years.
Everything is new.

Location of the house

We are here in CYBERSOUTH, Dengkil.
It is about 30-35 minutes from KUALA LUMPUR and 20 minutes from the airport.

The area is brand new, and very oriented for the local, mixed community (Malay, Chinese and Indian).
You will find very few expatriates in this area.

Additional information

We do not rent any property.
This article and video are only intended to inform you about the real estate market in Malaysia.

To know more about the research KUALA LUMPUR apartment Malaysia.

Need to be accompanied?

If you are going to arrive soon in Malaysia and you are looking for a rental (apartment, house) in Kuala Lumpur and its surroundings, we can accompany you and help you find your happiness.

We accompany future expatriates: save time and prepare this expatriation with serenity.

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