Travel Malaysia by car : is it worth ?

If you are planning a trip to Malaysia, and you decide to explore Malaysia by car, then this article might be useful for you.
We are going to give you the budget Malaysia to foresee to fill up your car with gasoline.

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Travelling by car

Traveling by car is a different experience than traveling by plane in Malaysia.
Yes, by plane, it’s ultra convenient, especially if you don’t have time (and that’s the problem today, we all lack time…).
But if you have ever been able to spare several weeks in Malaysia, traveling by car has several advantages.

The advantages of travelling by car

  • You discover Malaysia in a different way.
  • You take the time to admire and stop at some spots less accessible by other means of locomotion.
  • It’s cheaper than flying: gas costs nothing, if we compare with France. Tolls and parking don’t cost much.
  • In a group, it’s always more fun: you will keep unique memories!

The disadvantages of travelling by car

  • You have to have time.
  • You have to like driving, or at least being with other drivers to alternate.
  • Don’t be afraid to drive on the left side of the road, with the steering wheel on the right.

So how much does it cost?

The answer in the video below:

If you want the immediate answer:

A full tank will cost you 18€ at the moment.
The liter of gasoline is 0.41€ (currently 1.55€ in France).
In the video, I made a conversion error (and indicated 0.50€ instead of 0.41€).

Conclusion and advice

  • Do not hesitate if you have time and the choice to travel by car.
  • Don’t forget your international driving license.
  • Take your phone charger with you.

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